Gin Glorious Gin: Additional Workshop
Gin Glorious Gin: Additional Workshop
Gin Glorious Gin: Additional Workshop

Gin Glorious Gin: Additional Workshop


Monday 26th June
6.30pm - 8.00pm
Ours Cafe

Due to popular demand we've added this 2nd Gin Workshop to be held on Monday 26th of June.

Join us for this Gin project - learn everything there is to know about Gin, including how to make your own at home and of course tastings ... curious?

What will you learn?

We will delve into the history of Gin, how it's made and what has changed over the years. We'll learn about, compounding, maceration and vapour infusions. We'll explore botanicals, see them, touch them and taste them and look at the different styles of Gin.

We'll also cover the principles of distillation, including how you can make a simple still at home on your stovetop and make your own Gin. And whilst tasting various New Zealand craft Gins we'll discuss the Gin Renaissance both locally and internationally.

Who will be teaching?

Antony Michalik of Curiosity Gin. He grew up in Tauranga and after a career of over 20 years in the New Zealand dairy industry, left corporate life behind in late 2016 to set up The Spirits Workshop Ltd, a boutique, craft spirits distillery based in Christchurch. Through much of 2016 Antony and his partners spent many a weekend making and tasting small batches of Gin in their kitchens learning about the botanicals and the processes and developing the recipe for their own Gin. Antony now works fulltime producing and selling small batch Gins under the brand Curiosity Gin, and barrelling as much single malt spirit as the business can afford in the expectation of a great New Zealand whisky in three years time!

Still Curious? Join us